Dear Family...

I know that you all stay up late at night thinking about what I am doing. And I know you all are dying to know what is going on with all the many men in my life. So I thought that I would honor you in making this blog to keep you updated. I will be posting every detail possible so that you all feel as much a part of my life as you can. I will begin with today:
6:15 am- alarm one goes off I promptly trun it off
6:25 am- alarm two goes off I promptly trun it off
(forgetting there is no alarm three)
7:05 Roll over into my pool of drool and almost puke
7:07 Look at my phone and realize the time
7:08 Go to the bathroo
7:09 brush my teeth
7:11 put on a pair of jeans and Jeds old shirt that has a huge eye ball on it
7:20 put my hair into a ridiculously scary ponytail
7:25 walk briskly to the Smith building
7:35 Enter Smith building
7:36 start walking up stars
7: 36 out of breath
7:37 still walking up stairs still out of breath
7:40 panting when walking into class

haha what if I did this all day... you guys would love it! haha but seriously you would!

ps this really was my morning no joke

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