I have the best fiancé ever... seriously he is so nice to me. He does everything and anything to make me happy. This week I have been especially stressed out with life and he has been so helpful always trying to make me laugh even when I am not so nice. I love him and can’t wait till Dec. 28th.

I also love this little guy… If I could I think I would drop out of school, move home, and just be with him all day everyday. I have been so sad lately knowing that he is growing up and forgetting me. I am counting the days till Thanksgiving break so I can hang out with this little bug and give him a big kiss on the lips!

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german&jenny said...

I have to say the second guy you talked about is BY FAR THE CUTEST!!! Sorry Jed!! But I am so happy that JEd is making you feel better! I cant wait to see you! Its almost a month count down!

PeggyJean said...

I know... time is dragging... I can't wait to come home

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